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Put time to work for you and your money. 

Low-Risk, High-Reward Investment Options

What's in your financial future? Maybe a car or a boat. Wedding bells, college costs or vacation dreams. Whatever you're saving for, you can earn more with a Market USA Certificate. Choose a savings period that syncs up with your life plans, lock in an attractive earning rate, and watch your money grow worry-free right up until you need it.

  • Certificates range from three months to five years
  • Preferred rates available for members who have a monthly direct deposit of at least $500 and enroll in eStatements (Preferred rates are 0.35% higher than regular rates)
  • Minimum deposit for most certificates is $500
  • Lower opening deposit of $100 for our Accumulator Certificate. Add $25 or more as often as you'd like, up to a maximum balance of $1,000
  • Dividends compounded daily and posted monthly

Early withdrawal of funds may mean a loss of dividend earnings. However, your initial deposit is never at risk.

Features & Benefits

Regular & IRA Certificate Rates
Account Term Base APY Preferred APY* APY Balance Dividends Compounded / Credited
10 Month Special 4.40% 4.50%** $500 Daily / Monthly
12 Month Accumulator 2.15% 2.51% $100 Daily / Monthly
3 Months 2.15% 2.51% $500 Daily / Monthly
6 Months 2.65% 3.01% $500 Daily / Monthly
12 Months 3.65% 4.01% $500 Daily / Monthly
18 Months 3.85% 4.22% $500 Daily / Monthly
24 Months 3.80% 4.16% $500 Daily / Monthly
36 Months 3.55% 3.91% $500 Daily / Monthly
48 Months 3.55% 3.91% $500 Daily / Monthly
60 Months 3.55% 3.91% $500 Daily / Monthly

*PREFERRED APY: The Preferred APY includes a 0.35% premium. Direct Deposits and e-Statements are required to receive this premium.

**PREFERRED APY: 10 Month Special - APY includes a 0.10% premium. E-Statements are required to receive this premium.

Rate Disclosures


Market USA Federal Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with locations in Maryland and South Carolina as well as nationwide locations through the Shared Branch Network.