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Avoiding Fees

Take a few simple steps to make sure more of your money stays with you.

Fees are a reality, but there are ways to sidestep them

We're here to help you reach your financial goals, which certainly means minimizing or eliminating any fees you need to pay. They're a part of doing business and sometimes they're needed. But here's what you can do to avoid them.

Privilege Pay Fees

This service covers you when there's an accidental overdraft. If you use it for emergency cash, consider writing a single check for the necessary so you can minimize your fee. Even better, you can apply for a Personal Line of Credit to use as overdraft protection and you won't be charged any fees when you need it. Market USA does not have Authorize Positive, Settle Negative (APSN) fees.  A debit card transaction privilege pay fee only occurs if the account does not have a sufficient available balance to cover the transaction at the time the member initiates the transaction and the member has elected to have debit card transactions covered.  Members can avoid debit card privilege pay transactions by opting out of this coverage.   It’s easy to opt out of debit card Privilege Pay coverage and control all Privilege Pay options in digital banking.  You can also contact Member Services to do this.

NSF & Overdrawn Fees

Speaking of overdrafts, a simple way to avoid them is to set up e-Alerts that let you know when your balance reaches a certain level. Set an alert when your balance gets too low and you'll know to deposit money or skip purchases to avoid fees.

ATM Fees

Whenever possible, use a Market USA ATM or search this nationwide ATM network to find surcharge-free ATMs. And keep in mind, you can also use your Market USA Debit Card to get cash back when making purchases at stores. If you sign up for direct deposit of at least $500 per month, you'll receive eight free transactions each month.

In addition to machine surcharges, Market USA charges a $1 fee for ATM transactions. You can get 8 free transactions each month simply by signing up for Direct Deposit!

Club Account Excess Withdrawal Fees

When you open a Holiday Club or Vacation Club account to save for life's special moments, you'll get a limited number of free withdrawals per year so your money can stay on deposit and continue growing. If you need more frequent access, consider opening a separate Market USA savings account so you can avoid the fees that come when you make too many withdrawals from our club accounts.

Market USA Federal Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with locations in Maryland and South Carolina as well as nationwide locations through the Shared Branch Network.