Online Banking & Mobile Banking

How do I access Online Banking?
Visit marketusafcu.com and look for the Online Banking Login box in the upper right-hand side of the screen.

How do I change my username or password?
In Online Banking, you can change your username or password by choosing Settings from the Tools menu, then the Security tab and clicking on the pencil icon to make changes. In the Mobile App, tap More at the bottom right to access the Settings menu. In both Online Banking and the Mobile App, you can also access Settings by clicking the person icon at the top right.

How do I change my display name?
In Online Banking, you can change your display name by choosing Settings from the Tools menu, then the Profile tab and clicking on the pencil icon. In the Mobile App, tap More at the bottom right to access the Settings menu. In Online Banking and the Mobile App, you can also access Settings by clicking the person icon at the top right.

What if I've forgotten my username or password?
Click on the Forgot Username or Password link from the login screen and follow the prompts.

How do I update my contact information?
In Online Banking, select Settings from the Tools menu, then the Contact tab, click on the pencil icon. In the Mobile App, tap More, Settings, Contact, then tap on your information to make changes.

Can I open a new account?
Once your membership is established, you can log into Online Banking or the Mobile App and select Quick Apply from the Accounts menu to add a VIP Checking and/or a VIP Savings account. More products will be added soon.

How do I change the name of my account?
Want to change your "Vacation Club Account" to "Venice Dream Vacation?" On the Dashboard in Online Banking, click on the name of the account, and then the pencil icon to change the name as you choose.

Can I use Online Banking to pay my bills?
Yes, a full featured Bill Pay service is available. You can also pay bills using our Mobile App, which is available in your App store.

How soon would a stop payment take effect once I request it through Online Banking?
Once you place a stop payment through Online Banking, the stop payment will be in effect for six months.

After I make a transfer, is my balance correct?
All transactions are processed in "real time" so your available balance is accurate. However, if your transactions are processed after normal business hours, some transactions will not be posted until the next business day.

How do I request the deletion of my digital banking data?
Send us a message through our Secure Contact Form or email memberservices@marketusafcu.com.


Where can I view my loan payoff?
The current day's payoff is available by selecting your loan from the Dashboard and clicking Account Details. You can also calculate payoffs as of a certain date.

Mobile App vs Mobile Banking vs Online Banking

What is the difference with Mobile App, Mobile Banking, & Online Banking?

Bill Pay

Were my eBills impacted? When will I be able to set-up new eBills?
We are currently experiencing issues with setting up new eBills and are working diligently to resolve this as soon as possible.

In the new Bill Pay Service, why are payments being sent by check that were previously paid electronically?
The biller's address needs to match the address our new Bill Pay service has in their system. If bills were previously sent electronically and are now being issued by check, there is most likely a discrepancy between the mailing address on file and the one required by the new Bill Pay service. Please check the mailing address of the biller and then update it if needed in Bill Pay. Once updated, your payments should change from check to electronic.

To update the address: Transfer & Pay → Bill Pay → My Payees → select bill being paid by standard check → Manage → pencil icon → review/update the address

What is the fee for Online Bill Pay?
The Bill Pay service is free to members.

How is the Online Bill Pay service accessible to our members?
Bill pay is a feature of Online Banking and our Mobile App. You must have access to Online or Mobile Banking and a Market USA FCU checking account to use Bill Pay.

What can members do through Online Bill Pay?
The Bill Payer service has the following features:

Who can I pay?
Payments can be made to any merchant, institution, or individual in the U.S., including credit card payments, utility bills and many others. NOTE: Federal, State, or Local Government agencies, collection agencies, and alimony or child support payments are permitted but are not covered by the Guarantee.

What type of account is needed for Bill Pay?
A Market USA checking account is required to use Bill Pay. If you do not currently have a checking account, log into Digital Banking and select Quick Apply from the Accounts menu to open a free high-rate VIP Checking Account today.

How are payees set up?
in Online Banking, select "Add Payee" from the Bill Pay Dashboard and follow the prompts to input the payee's information. In the Mobile App, tap "Add and Manage Payees".

Once a payee is established, what kind of information can I modify?
You may change all of the information for the payee. Including, payee name, account number, payment date, phone number, address, nickname and category. You cannot edit the address and phone number for managed electronic payees because they are on ?le with the bill pay provider.

What does "Start Date" or "Delivered By" date mean?
"Start Date" is the date that the payment will be delivered to the merchant. Funds will be deducted from your account on this date.

How far in advance should payments be set up?
The calendar feature will show you the earliest possible payment date. This is the date the payee will receive the payment and the date funds will be deducted from your account.

What delivery methods are available?
You can choose Standard Electronic, Standard Check, Rush Electronic (additional fee), and Expedited check (additional fee).

When does Market USA FCU take the money out of my account?
Funds will be deducted from your account on the date you select to make the payment.

Can I change payment amounts?
Yes, under the "Scheduled Payments" section, select the pencil icon next to the payment you wish to change. You may change the amount, due date, or cancel the payment.

How can I sign up for eBills? (Available Soon)
eBill registration is available in Online Banking. If an eBill is available for that payee, select "Sign up for eBill" on the Payee card, then "Setup eBills". In "Begin eBill enrollment", enter the requested information, click continue to complete the registration process. When eBill registration is complete, the eBill available link displays on the Payee card.

How do I view a check image?
To view an image of the check payment, select the History tab, then the transaction you want to see the image for, and select "View Check Image".

Can stop payments be placed?
The ability to place a stop payment on an Online Bill Pay depends upon: (1) whether or not there is a reasonable time to act upon the request; (2) the payment method; and (3) whether or not a check has cleared. If you wish to place a stop payment on any payment that has already been processed, you must contact Member Services at 301-586-3400. Although every effort will be made to accommodate your request, the Online Bill Pay Service will have no liability for failing to do so. You may also be required to present your request in writing within fourteen (14) days. The charge for each stop payment request can be found in the current fee schedule.

Can I view the payment history for specific payees?
Yes, select "History" from the main menu.

How do I know if a payment was sent?
You can verify that a payment has been made by reviewing the "History" screen. A "succeeded" status indicates that a payment has been processed.

Can I obtain proof of payment?
You can verify that a payment has been made by reviewing the "History" screen. Proof of payment is also shown on the next bill you receive from the merchant.

What happens if Market USA FCU does not properly complete a bill payment on time or in the correct manner?
If the payment is not credited after five days, call the biller's customer service. If the problem still isn't resolved, you can send us a payment inquiry. We will contact the biller on your behalf in an attempt to resolve the problem.

Are all payments electronic?
Most of the payees are set up to receive electronic payments. The database is always being updated and improved to make as many payments electronically as possible. Electronic payees receive payment information in an electronic format that automatically updates their accounts receivable system. Non-electronic merchants or individual payees receive a laser printed-paper check sent through the U.S. Postal Service.

Do I have overdraft protection with the Bill Pay service?
If you have overdraft protection attached to your checking account, then yes, your overdraft protection will cover Bill Pay deductions from your checking account.

Is there a restriction on the dollar amount I can pay using Bill Pay?
Yes, you can only pay up to $20,000 using Bill Pay.

If I am accessing my joint account, can I enroll the account in Bill Pay?
Yes, you can enroll the account in Bill Pay even if you are joint owner.

What should I do if I have questions about Bill Pay?
You can contact Member Services by sending a message through digital banking or our Secure Contact Form, calling 301-586-3400, emailing memberservices@marketusafcu.com, or through chat.


How do I transfer funds to another Market USA account?
In Online Banking, select Transfers & Pay from the menu, then the account from which you are taking the funds and the account to which you will transfer the funds. Enter the amount and indicate whether you would like to send the funds one time (immediate); schedule the transfer for a future date; or set up a repeating transfer. Select Review Transfer, then Submit. To make a transfer In the Mobile App, tap Transfers at the bottom, then Make a Transfer and follow the same steps as for Online Banking.

When will my transfer post?
If you choose the "one time" option, your transfer will post immediately. If you entered a "future date", your transfer will post on the date indicated. Repeating transfers will post in accordance with the frequency you indicate (i.e. biweekly; monthly; etc.).

How do I transfer funds to another member in Online Banking?
Select Transfer & Pay from the menu and choose the account you wish to transfer funds from. In the "To Account" field, select add an Account, then Send money to another Market USA member. Enter the recipient's name and account information. On the main Transfer page, enter amount and frequency, select Review Transfer, then submit.

Can I transfer to another member in the Mobile App?
Yes. Select Transfers, then Make a Transfer, and follow the same steps as for Online Banking.

Can I send payments outside the United States?
Payments cannot be delivered outside the United States.

Can I set up a recurring transfer in Online Banking?
Yes! In Online Banking, select Transfers & Pay from the menu and follow the prompts to indicate transfer details. Select the Frequency from the drop-down box and enter your start date and end date. Select Review Transfer, then Submit. To set up a recurring transfer In the Mobile App, tap Transfers, then Make a Transfer and follow the same steps as for Online Banking.

How do I edit or cancel a recurring transfer in Online Banking?
YIn Online Banking, select Transfer & Pay from the menu, then Scheduled. Click on the three dots to the right of the transfer you wish to edit or remove, make your changes and select Save.

Can I skip just one transfer in a recurring transfer series?
Yes, you can skip the next transfer or remove it altogether in Online Banking by selecting the three dots next to the transfer you want to change.


What are eStatements?
eStatements are electronic versions of your regular Market USA Federal Credit Union statement you normally receive in the mail. They are available to you much faster than paper statements. In addition you can print them or save them on your computer for future access. The information on your eStatements will be identical to the information on your paper statements. When you sign up for eStatements, you will no longer receive paper statements in the mail. Benefits of eStatements include:

What are Alerts?
Alerts are notifications that you create, which are sent to you via email, text or push when specific events occur such as your account balance reaching a certain level or a loan payment is due. Standard text message rates apply for SMS alerts.

Can I receive paper statements as well as eStatements?
No. You can either receive paper statements or eStatements, but not both. While you will not be receiving paper statements, the eStatements may be printed or saved to your computer. You will also have access to two years of eStatements.

How Do I enroll in eStatements?
To enroll, log into Online Banking, click on eDocuments from the Accounts menu and follow the prompts.

How Do I enroll in Alerts?
To set up an Alert, log into Online Banking and choose Alerts from the Tools menu. For Account Alerts, select the desired account from the drop-down box. Be sure to slide the bar to the right so that you see a dark green bar indicating that the alert is turned on. Select how you would like to receive your alert, text, email, and/or push. In the Mobile App, alerts can be found by tapping More, Tools, then Alerts.

How will I know when my eStatement is ready?
When your eStatement becomes available, you will receive an email directing you to log into Online Banking or the Mobile App to retrieve your eStatement.

What if my email address changes?
Log in to Online Banking and select Settings from the Tools menu, then the Contact tab. Click the pencil icon to update your email address, then Save Changes. In the Mobile App, tap More, Settings, then Contact. Tap the information you want to edit and then Save.

What if I want to cancel my eStatements?
You can switch back to paper statement at any time. To cancel, log into Online Banking, select eDocuments from the Accounts menu, then unsubscribe.

Do I need software to view my eStatements?
You will need Adobe Reader, a free software application from Adobe. This usually comes pre-installed on computers. If you don't have it installed, you can download this software for free from www.adobe.com.

How long will the eStatements be available?
You will be able to view up to 24 months of statement history.

When will my eStatement be available for viewing?
Your eStatement will be available within the first few business days of the month.

How do I view my statement in the Mobile App?
Tap More at the bottom right, then Accounts, and choose eDocuments. Select eStatements and then the eStatement you want to view.

Rewards Checking

What are the rewards for the VIP Checking Accounts?
During the month in which the account qualifies, the VIP Account pays a higher Annual Percentage Yield on a portion of your account balance.

What are the requirements that must be met to qualify for the rewards?
View all requirements on our VIP Checking page.

Will the requirements be pro-rated if I open my account later in the month?
The requirements remain the same regardless of when you open your account.

Is there a minimum balance requirement in order to receive my rewards?
No, as long as you meet the stated requirements during the month, you will receive rewards for that month.

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can keep in my account?
No. However, the reward rate on the VIP account is paid on balances up to $15,000. Balances above that will earn the current Regular Checking account rate.

What if I do not meet the requirements for a particular month?
If you do not meet the stated requirements then your VIP account will not earn dividends for that particular month.

How can I check my qualification status during the month?
You can log into Online Banking at any time to check your status by selecting VIP Rewards from the Tools menu, or in the Mobile App by tapping More, Tools, then VIP Rewards.

Do ATM transactions count towards the required number of Visa Debit Card transactions per month?
No. ATM transactions do not count. To meet this requirement, you must complete 15 Visa Debit Card purchases for the Platinum tier and 12 Visa Debit Card purchases for the Gold tier during the month (signature based or PIN based).

Do Visa Check Card authorizations count towards the required number of Visa Debit Card transactions per month?
No. When you make a purchase using your Visa Debit Card, the authorization for the transaction is processed right away. However, the transaction may not actually post to your account for a few days. In other words, if you make a purchase near the end of the month, it may not post to your account until the following month. The transaction will count towards your requirement during the month in which it actually posts to your account.

Why is the APY on my statement lower than the premium VIP APY?
If you have balances over $15,000, those funds will earn a lower APY which will make your actual APY lower than the stated premium APY for the VIP checking account.

Can I open my account online?
Yes, you can open your account by logging into Online Banking or our Mobile App and clicking on "Quick Apply" from the Accounts Menu.

How many VIP Checking Accounts can I have?
You may have one VIP account per primary account owner (if you have multiple member numbers, you will still be permitted to maintain only one VIP).

Can I convert my existing Checking Account to a VIP account?
This can be easily done by contacting our Call Center or visiting one of our branches. During the conversion process, your ATM/Debit card access, along with any electronic debits/credits will be automatically transferred to your new account. You will also be able to use your existing supply of checks.

Can I use my existing checks?
Yes, your checking account number will be converted and you can continue using your checks.

If I have established Alerts, will these automatically transfer to my converted VIP Account?
This information will not automatically convert. You will need to log into Online Banking to edit your Alerts for your new account.

Will Visa Debit Card transactions and/or direct deposits made before my account was converted count towards my monthly requirements?
No. Only transactions and/or direct deposits made on the newly converted account will count towards your monthly requirements.

What is the Credit Union Difference

Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives. We exist to serve our members, not to make a profit. Unlike most financial institutions, credit unions do not issue stock or pay dividends to outside stockholders. Instead, earnings are returned to our members in the form of lower loan rates, higher interest on deposits, and lower fees.

Credit unions are ruled by democracy. Each credit union member has equal ownership in the credit union and can vote for credit union board members-regardless of the amount he or she has on deposit.

Volunteer Boards.
Each credit union is governed by a board of directors, elected by and from the credit union's membership. Board members may serve voluntarily.

Membership Eligibility.
By current federal and state statutes, credit unions cannot serve the general public. People qualify for credit union membership through their location, employer, or organizational affiliations like churches or social groups.

Financial Education for Members.
Credit unions help members become better-educated financial services consumers. Additionally, credit unions are partnering with the National Endowment for Financial Education, a not-for-profit foundation, to expand financial education among high school students. A national study shows that just ten hours of personal finance education can positively affect students' spending and saving habits for a lifetime.

Social Purpose: People Helping People.
Credit unions exist to help people, not make a profit. Our goal is to serve our entire membership well, including those of modest means - every member counts. As a result, our members are fiercely loyal and they know their credit union will be there for them in bad times, as well as good. The same people-first philosophy causes credit unions and our employees to get involved in community charitable activities and worthwhile causes - just ask us.

Credit unions pay taxes - payroll taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes. In 1937, Congress exempted credit unions from federal income taxes and affirmed the exemption by statute in 1951. In addition, the Credit Union Membership Access Act of 1998 states: "Credit unions, unlike many other participants in the financial services market, are exempt from Federal and most State taxes because credit unions are member-owned, democratically operated, not-for-profit organizations generally managed by volunteer boards of directors and because they have the specified mission of meeting the credit and savings needs of consumers, especially persons of modest means."

Mobile Check Deposit

What is Mobile Check Deposit?
Mobile Deposit is an application that allows you to deposit checks right from your smart phone! Take a picture of your check and submit it. It's that easy!

Is Mobile Check Deposit safe?
Yes; accessing Mobile Check Deposit from your mobile device will require you to log into Mobile Banking using your username and password.

Is there a fee for Mobile Check Deposit?
Market USA does not charge any fees for using Mobile Check Deposit. Message and data rates may apply. Contact your wireless carrier for details.

How do I enroll in Mobile Check Deposit?
Eligible accounts will be automatically enrolled for the service.

What are the eligibility requirements for Mobile Check Deposit?
To be eligible for Mobile Check Deposit, you must meet eligibility criteria as dictated by us, including, but not limited to: (1) having a checking account in good standing; and (2) having a properly formatted phone number and email address on file. You must also have a compatible Mobile Device.

What is a compatible device?
Mobile Check Deposit is specifically formatted for iPhone® and Android® devices with photo taking functionality.

Can I deposit my check into any account?
Most share accounts are available via Mobile Check Deposit (i.e. Savings, Checking, Money Market, Holiday Club, etc.). You cannot make loan payments using Mobile Check Deposit.

How do I endorse my check when I am depositing it via Mobile Check Deposit?
For Mobile Check Deposits, please: (1) sign (endorse) your check; and (2) write "for e-Deposit only at Market USA" below your signature. Example:
Joe Member
For e-Deposit only at Market USA

How do I check the status of my deposit?
Log into the Mobile App to view the status of your deposit.

How much can I deposit?
You can deposit up to $5,000 per day and $10,000 per rolling 30 day period.

What do I do with the check once I've deposited it?
Please retain the check for no fewer than 5 business days after the check has been posted to your account. After that, please shred the item.

Technical Support

How can I get help if I am having trouble logging into my account?
Contact our Member Service Center at 301-586-3400 or send a message using our Secure Contact Form. Please note that we are not able to reset passwords via email communication. You must contact us via phone so we can verify your identity.