Online and Mobile Banking Upgrade Now Available!

Online Banking and our Mobile App have been upgraded to offer you more options, flexibility and an improved user experience. Be sure to update your Mobile App to take advantage of all the new features!

  • Check out the new features:
  • Enhanced security features
  • Debit Card Controls for added security and convenience
  • Transfers to and from accounts at other financial institutions
  • Customization options for the Accounts Overview Page
  • Consistent functionality across Online Banking and our Mobile App
  • Enable push notifications for security alerts (available through Manage Alerts)
  • View year-end account information (added feature on the Menu)
  • And more!
  • Details
  • When changing your phone, address, or email contact information, you must authenticate using a One-Time PIN, which can be received via text or email. After September 8th, this One-Time PIN authentication will be required if you log in from an unrecognized device. If you have elected to enable email notifications for every login, you will continue to receive those.

    When enabling login alerts, the alert you receive will also allow you to lock your account instantly if you feel that the login was suspicious or fraudulent. Once you lock your access, it can only be unlocked by contacting us during business hours.

    Additionally, you can now easily manage your login settings via the mobile app.
    If you lose or misplace your card, you'll have peace of mind knowing you can keep your account safe by instantly turning off your debit card. If you find it later, simply turn it back on. You can also turn your card off when you're not using it to protect your account. Please note this will not stop recurring transfers or pre-authorized purchases from coming through. To turn off your card, choose the Debit Card Controls from the menu, and toggle to the off position. You can then toggle to the on position to start using it again. If your card was lost or stolen, you will have the option to close that card and request that we contact you to discuss your replacement card.

    Online Banking:
    Online Banking Example

    Mobile App:
    Mobile Banking Example
    You will be able to transfer between your Market USA accounts and accounts you have elsewhere ($3,000 per day, $10,000 per month). To set up transfers, you will need your other institution's bank account number and routing number. There is no cost to transfer funds.

    • Choose Transfers and Send Money from the menu
    • If you have not previously set up an external account, you will need to click on the External Transfers tab to Add a New Payee
    • From there, you will be prompted to enter the account information for your external (non-Market USA) account; finally, you will select Link Account
    • To verify that the external account is yours, Market USA will make two small deposits into the external account. Once you see these deposits go through, these accounts will be accessible. This process usually takes about 48 hours.
    • Once your external account has been set up, it will be available in the list of accounts when processing a transfer
    • External transfers can take up to 3 days to process

    Easily access your External Transfer History and External Transfer Accounts by clicking on the corresponding tab in the menu bar.

    To view your checking account number - the number you would use to set up direct deposit - in Online banking, click the arrow to the right of your checking account, then "About this account." In the Mobile App, tap your checking account, then "Details."
    Your Online Banking/Mobile App password will be automatically checked against a database of known breaches, and you will be notified in Online Banking to change it accordingly. This does not mean that your Online Banking/Mobile App password has been breached, but that you have used the same password elsewhere that had a breach.
    Previously, when logging into the mobile app, you had to select the applicable member number to view at the time of login. Now, if you're associated with multiple member numbers, you will be able to view all your accounts on the overview screen, without having to make a selection. Of note, when accessing bill pay or mobile deposit, you will still have to select which account you'd like to access.
    This feature is now available in the mobile app! When setting up the account information, you can choose to mask or view the information (using the eye icon) as you enter it.
    The optional Transfer Memo field on the Make a Transfer screen has been removed; however, you can still add notes to posted transactions by clicking on the edit icon in your transaction history.
    In Online Banking, you will be able to choose between list and grid view. By default, your accounts are in list view. To change to Grid View, simply click the Grid Menu icon at the top right of the screen. To go back to list view, click the List Menu icon.

    You can change the order of how your accounts are displayed by using the parallel bars to the right of the icons to move your accounts.
    Accounts Overview
    You can also group your accounts into different categories, such as deposits and loans.

    • Click Manage Account Grouping
    • Click Add Account Group
    • Name Your Group (ex: deposits)
    • Use the parallel bars to the right of the icons to move your accounts to the appropriate group
    Account Grouping
    Icons on the Accounts Overview Page

    To make navigation easier, icons for different account types will be displayed on the left-hand side of each account on the Accounts Overview page. Account Icons
    Option to Choose Transaction Emojis

    You will have the option to apply emojis to each transaction. The default emojis are green and red arrows; however, this can be changed in edit mode by clicking on the emoji and selecting another one from the drop-down menu. You can also sort by emoji type in Online Banking.

    Default: Default Emoji Icons

    Choose a different emoji from the drop-down box: Emoji Choice of Icons
    New Login and Security Alerts can be set up along with Transactional Alerts by clicking on Manage Alerts in the menu.