Skip a Pay

Easily skip one month's loan payment

Loan Payment Amount Skip a Payment
Processing Fee
$ .01 - $ 99.99 $ 30.00
$ 100.00 - $ 400.00 $ 40.00
$ 400.01 + $ 50.00

Within Internet Banking you may skip a loan payment using the Skip a Pay feature. For select loan types you will see a link in the account summary screen that will let you process the skip.

The Skip a Pay feature will take you through the process of advancing the loan's due date one month from the current due date.

  • Select the loan account.
  • Read and accept the disclosure.
  • Select the account you wish the fee to be withdrawn from.
  • Review the Skip a Pay summary screen for the status of your request.

Automatic payments will be modified for your convenience.

  • Payroll deductions will be stopped and set to resume the following month. During this time money going to the loan will be deposited into your savings account.
  • Automatic transfers from other accounts will be stopped and set to resume the following month.

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