Loan Saver®

Compare and Save with Loan Saver®

Loan Saver® provides you with a breakdown of how much you can save by moving your loans to Market USA. Based on our lowest available interest rates, you can calculate your savings by refinancing with us. It's easy to use this online tool to compare your current loan rate that you're paying at another financial institution and see if Market USA can help you lower your monthly payment and reduce total interest paid.

Feel free to calculate your savings. If interested in refinancing your loans with Market USA, after calculating how much you could save, simply click on the "Save" tab to submit a request for a loan savings proposal. There is no obligation to save!

The Loan Saver® calculator requires that you know the current rates on your auto, personal and home equity loans at other institutions. Don't know your current rate? Use an alternate Loan Saver® calculator which utilizes your current payment information on those loans rather than the current rate.

PLUS, for a limited time, we'll give you $1001 when you refinance your auto with us.


  1. Deposit of $100.00 will be made into the primary member's savings account within 30 days after the loan is closed. Offer is for a limited time only. You must mention the promotional code:NM100 to receive the $100 cash incentive with this offer. Loan amount must be $10,000 with a term of at least 36 months. If loan to value of auto is above 100% the rate will be 2% higher than qualified rate. Auto loans currently financed through the credit union cannot be refinanced with this offer. Financing available for qualified Market USA Federal Credit Union members only.